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 Vector network analyzer
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 Measurement of ε’and ε’’ for liquids
 Measurement of ε’and ε’’, μ’ and μ’’ of material
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PNA3620P Vector Network Analyzer
Full frequency scan, list scan and point frequency measurement available.
Capable for transmission measurement (measurement of amplitude vs. frequency characteristics, insertion loss, phase shift, amplifier gain, antenna gain, group delay, antenna azimuth pattern optional), reflection measurement (measure SWR, R.L., complex impedance, reflection phase, electrical length, and Smith Chart display function), time domain fault location function (TDR).
Transmission measurement has either logarithm-amplitude display or amplitude-phase display; Reflection measurement has LOG display, SWR display, and Smith Chart display.
5.0” liquid colour display (LCD), serial port output, USB storage disk.
Portable(light weight, volume small, option built-in lithium battery power supply satiable for RF measurement under special environment).
Application scope and relational properties:
l   Widely used in the antenna-feed system test and measure installations of FM, TV, CATV, communications, RADAR etc, and also for the RF microwave education laboratory in the university.
l   Optional matched, for 50Ω, 75Ω, 100Ωetc, different characteristic impedance systems.
l   Time domain fault location function. It is able to locate a fault in a coaxial cable, with its range: 0-1200 meterprecisely located, a thousandth of full scale
l   Configure the correspondingtest accessories (impedance converter and differential bridge…) so as to satisfy the coaxial cable, twin-twist cable, coaxial connector, etc ,the characteristic impedance of transmission lines, loss, delay, phase shift parameters such as test, and is able to detect leakage of RF cables and shield performance.
l   Select and prepare corresponding probes capability for the ε measure of such material as the liquids, plane solids, powder, fabric etc.
l   When a battery power is built in, it is profitable to high climbing, space narrow, inadmissible or no AC 220V field application. 
Main Specifications
Frequency range
Frequency precision
Frequency resolution
Insertion loss resolution
± 0.2dB ±4%dB value within 50dB range
Reflection resolution
Small reflection uncertainty is about 0.01(i.e. residual SWR 1.02)
Phase resolution
Uncertainty about 5°/amplitude
Characteristic of measurement
Frequency range
Group time delay
Time domain fault location
0~1200m with 9 scale
Directivity of reflection bridge
R.L. Load
Test channel
N-Type( single test channel)
Power Supply
50Hz AC220V0.2A fuse 1A
Overall dimensions(mm)
5 kg
Standard accessories
50Ω N-Type test accessories
Options accessories
75Ω N-Type test accessories, twin-wire system measuring kit, SW anti-interference bridge test accessories
TV, FM anti-interference bridgeSMA-Type test accessories,
Built-in Li-ion battery
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